Man Cave Bar

A Man Cave is something that almost every man desires to have in his home. This is an area where he can relax, watch sports without interruption, and have friends and family over to watch the big game. Although any space will work for a Man Cave, no cave is complete without a really great … Read more Man Cave Bar

Attic Bathroom

Install shelving in niches beneath sloping walls and create a luxurious feel with a walk-in wet room style shower and a large freestanding bath. A delicate colour scheme helps soften the angular lines of the room and a window seat with cupboards below is both comfortable and practical. HOW TO MAKE IT WORK… o A … Read more Attic Bathroom

Attic Bedroom

You will find that large bedrooms that in most bungalows and cods are upstairs. This is a part of their attraction and the charm. You might also have attic bedroom that you should decorate. In this case, you will find that decorating attic bedroom can be challenging. This is because there are slopping roof lines … Read more Attic Bedroom

Attic Playroom

Converting your loft into a usable living space offers a great way to add both space and value to your home, and there are a range of ways in which you could use the new room. One option is to convert the loft into a dedicated children’s playroom, giving your kids a special space to … Read more Attic Playroom

Basement Mold

Most cases of mold start in wet basements. Basement mold means your house is unhealthy. Prevent mold and stop it before it is destructive. Starting in the basement, if you smell mold and mildew you have mold. Dehumidify the basement. Be careful when using the basement to store things especially paper and books. Here are tips to … Read more Basement Mold

Basement Bedroom

Those with expanding families or who are looking to increase the overall value of their home often begin looking into a variety of basement bedroom ideas. The basement can be an excellent space for expansion and is generally less expensive to remodel than adding on to a home. Fortunately, great basement bedroom ideas are easy … Read more Basement Bedroom